Women’s Business Suits- A Bluesuits Style that Fits Every Shape

by Jamak Khazra on October 7, 2010

Bluesuits Navy Tropical Wool Women' Suit

Bluesuits Navy Tropical Wool Women' Suit

Bluesuits Collection of women’s business suits include styles that are designed to fit various unique shapes of women. While there are suits for every shape in our women’s suit collection, some jackets, pants and skirts have a universal fit and fit every shape. Bluesuits three button short jacket is one of those styles that we recommend to women of every height and shape.

  • The business jacket that looks great with a skirt, dress or pants. We love this jacket because it has just the right length to go over a pencil skirt or any style pant or any of our shift dresses.
  • We recommend this jacket to full chested plus size clients or flat chested petite women. This jacket also looks great on tall women. The model in this picture is 5’11” but if you are under 5’4″ and consider yourself petite it will look good on you too. We have perfected the fit such that it falls perfectly on your waist regardless of how tall you are. If you have an unusually long torso you can go up a size for a perfect fit. Generally whether you are a full chested plus size woman or flat chested petite woman, a jacket with three buttons is a good choice for you. Three button jackets that button right above the chest are good for full chests because they contain and hold the chest, at the same time if you are a flat chested woman, you will find that because this style jacket holds itself, you will not find it too large around your chest. Additionally this jacket is the ideal length to go over a sheath dress or a pencil skirt and looks fabulous with any style pant. This jacket also looks fantastic on tall women.
  • A perfect interview suit for women
    We recommend this business jacket with a skirt in our signature tropical wool stretch to women looking for interview suits, or work attire. The jacket looks fantastic with a button down shirt or a knit top or it can be worn with a shell as the neck closure is high enough. In addition when you are interviewing for a job, you want your jacket to stay put, 2 button jackets that button on the chest or three button jackets are fantastic choices for interviews where as one button jackets are not unless that one button is right under the chest but often one-button jackets button low. We also have dresses anchor women in this jacket for a picture perfect look on the screen,
  • A great business suit for young professionals
    Bluesuits has been dressing young professionals looking for office appropriate business attire since 1997.  We also love this suit because it is ageless and can be worn by younger business women as well as seasoned executives.
  • A great travel suit for business women on the go
  • The suit is shown here in Bluesuits signature tropical wool stretch. Tropical wool is a season less fabric which does not wrinkle, as such its fantastic for traveling business women or those who work long hours.

What are some of your choices when you are looking for a women’s suit or interview suit? Post your great finds or ask questions right here in the comments area and we will be sure to respond in a timely manner.

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Mary Ethel Bettendorf August 1, 2014 at 10:20 am

Dear Jamak,
I spoke with you over 10 years ago on the telephone. At the time, I had wanted that luxurious white skirt and top which had been featured in the Neiman Marcus winter –perhaps January–catalogue. You know the one… the woman was languishing aimlessly in the elegant window seat! I see you still feature that fabulous picture. It was the first time I had seen such wonderfully plain, elegant clothes outside of Europe. I immediately telephoned you. We spoke many times, often for hours at a time. You probably do not remember me. I ended up ordered 3-4 skirts (cafe au lait, with loose pleats in front, flat back; black swirly riding skirt; black skirt with fantastic fushia lining to die for; cream skirt as in Neimans; pink short fitted blazer; marine blue fitted blazer; cream fitted blazer; 2 wonderful scrumptious short sleeved tops, knit with spandex in black and white (I would love more), lis charnel bras, tiffany earrings in gold, and heaven know what else….Ring any bells? please don’t publish this! I would love to speak at some point. I am 60 now. It is transition time! I do not know how to do it. I am 5’4″ ~112 lbs, my waist is no longer long, but my chest has sunk into it! 34 A, blond, blue eyed. I am at a loss at this time what to wear. I collect good clothes…Ralph Lauren, Brooks, anything seamed well, pinked, wide seams, set in button holes, no hook and eyes, deep hems, darts, and dress maker details. You seem to fit the bill. YOU HAVE GROWN! CONGRATULATIONS MRS. COLUMBIA MBA!!!!!! PLEASE DON’T PRINT. I am going through your site to see what you have now. So far, it looks wonderful. I

I wanted to say “HI.” I will, hopefully get back to you, again, for the perfect fit and the perfect shift, and the kick pleat skirt……


Mary Ethel Bettendorf

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