What top should women wear under a suit jacket for an interview?

by Jamak Khazra on August 19, 2009

While this is one of the most frequently asked questions among young professionals the answer is quite simple. Although there are several styles of shirts or tops available in the market and one can be quite creative, when it comes to a job interview your options are rather limited.

  • If you are a young professional just out of college a shirt in white or French blue looks very professional and is appropriate but if you are more senior you can wear a knit round neck or v-neck top under your suit jacket and wear a simple and elegant necklace such as a one strand pearl or even gold or silver color.

    Bluesuits Navy Tropical wool Short Jacket

    Bluesuits Navy Tropical wool Short Jacket

How do I wear my shirt under my jacket? Collar in or out?

  • We like to button up the shirt with only the top button undone and wear the collar out neatly placed over the lapel. This,  however is a our choice. Tell us what you prefer.

What Color top do I wear under a Navy suit or a Grey Suit or Black suit?

  • A white shirt looks clean, fresh and professional and it is specially attractive under navy. A white top also gives a nice glow to the face. However other colors can work under Navy or Grey. For example French blue livens up a grey suit and is a good match for navy or black. White and French blue are great colors to wear under navy, grey or a black jacket for an interview but you can get a lot more creative once you are on the job. Clearly White or French Blue looks great with a Black suit as well.
  • If you are a more senior professional or are interviewing for senior positions a shift dress and a jacket is a great options. Here we are showing the Bluesuits Tropical Wool Shift Dress and Short Jacket.

    Bluesuits Tropical Wool Shift Dress and Tab Jacket

    Bluesuits Tropical Wool Shift Dress and Tab Jacket

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