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by Jamak Khazra on August 19, 2009

Bluesuits Bra Clinic- Part I
Full Figure Chest

It is a known fact that 85% of women wear the wrong style and bra size. We recently held a bra clinic as part of professional wardrobe events at Bluesuits showroom where our clients were professionally measured and fitted. For cup sizes E=DD to H we recommend the following:

  • Full cup Style for better coverage
  • Underwire for support
  • Back closure with 3 hooks
  • Wide wing with strong mesh

Wearing the right bra can make you look much slimmer and younger not to mention 2 or 3 inches of natural lift.  Check out the video below to see the effect of Le Mystere slimming bra for full figure women and how Asia got a lift of at least 2 inches with Le Mystere Dream Tisha Bra

Le Mystere Dream Tisha Full Figure Bra 9955

Le Mystere Dream Tisha Full Figure Bra 9955

Dream Tisha is also the #1 selling bra for under t-shirts and sweaters as it is a seamless bra giving you that smooth and polished look. It is known as the Le Mystere slimming bra since by lifting the chest the torso looks slimmer. Another one of our favorite Le Mystere bras is the Le Mystere Dream Tisha Lace also known as Lace Tisha. This bra has a scalloped lace trim. Although Dream Tisha Lace has the same mold as Dream Tisha in actual production Dream Tisha is about 2 inches shorter in the band. You want to know this if it is your first time trying to buy Dream Tisha Lace on line. This mean that if you wear the Dream Tisha Style 9955 in size 38E and you are buying the lace tisha style 965 for the first time, you need to order only a 36E. Conversely if you wear the Dream Tisha Lace in size 36E and are trying the Dream Tisha style 9955, then you order a size 38E.
Lastly we would like to give you some information on getting measured and fitted. On our website we do not give you any manual about how to measure yourself and ask that you get fitted by a professional. The reason is that these online guides and bra size calculators simply don’t work. They can give you an idea of you band size and an idea of your cup size. While the fit of a bra is determined by the band and the cup, the style, fabrication and manufacturer must be taken into consideration before you decide on what size to take. To see Le Mystere’s bra collection click here
Do you have a bra challenge?

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