How to Find the Best Pant Style for Your Body Shape

by Jamak Khazra on January 24, 2010

Part II- best pant style for apple shaped women

Are you an Apple Shape? A Classic apple Shape woman has a round middle, full chest, slim arms and legs, flat buttock and slim hips. Generally the waist measurement is bigger than the chest or hips.

The challenge is to find styles and fabrication that can balance your body and make you look proportionate. I generally see apple shaped women in tent dresses, shapeless tops and pants that are either too baggy or give them a muffin top, where the belly spills over the waist band of the pants. Bluesuits Collection was developed with various styles to fit the unique body shapes of women just like you. Here are some tips to help you choose styles to build your own professioanl personal wardrobe.

Style Tips:

  1. Wear an under-wired supportive bra to lift the chest away from the waist.
    Since most apple shaped women are also well endowed wearing a supportive bra can make the torso look longer and slimmer thus taking attention away from the waist. Try it you will look up to 10 pounds slimmer. We recommend Le Mystere Dream Tisha and Dream Tisha Lace or Carina bra.

    Bluesuits Flat Front Straight Leg Pants

    Bluesuits Flat Front Straight Leg Pants

  2. Look for Flat front pants with clean invisible Zipper in the front or on the side.
    Regardless of your body type pants should always fit you well on the hips. Many apple shaped women wear pants that are too baggy, since these women also tend to have a flat behind. Bluesuits flat front pants are a great fitting pair and one that I have recommended to many of my clients.
  3. Straight leg or wide leg pants that are not too much wider than your thighs would be a great choice since the wide bottom will balance the round large belly.
    Many apple shapes also have slim legs and find the very wide legs overwhelming specially if they are under 5’.4”.

    Bluesuits Matt Jersey Pants

    Bluesuits Matt Jersey Pants

  4. No waist pants and fold over waist pants will fit an apple shape best.
    Try no waist or fold over waist pants with a mid-rise that fit right below your belly button. Bluesuits Matt Jersey Fold over pants feature an adjustable fold-over waist which can be folded to where it is most comfortable  or even left all the way up for added support. Our clients have purchased 4 or 5 pairs at one time. That’s how popular these are.
  5. We also recommed Stretch material for most everything including pants. Bluesuits tropical wool stretch pant collection or matt jersey fold over pants are good examples.
  6. Pants with back welt pockets. Welt pockets strategically placed will give your buttock a lift and make them look curvier.

    Bluesuits boot leg pants

    Bluesuits boot leg pants

  7. Boot leg pants can be a great choice.
    The boot leg pants are specially recommended for short apple shapes. Again if you are a classic apple shape with slim legs you might prefer the boot leg to the straight leg.
  8. We also recommend empire waist v-neck tops that fit in the chest. The empire waist hides the belly.  Avoid wearing maternity style tops and dresses. here is an example of a great dress for apple shaped women
    Bluesuits Coat Dress

    Bluesuits Coat Dress

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