Finding the best pant style for your body shape

by Jamak Khazra on January 17, 2010

Part I- best pant style for pear shaped women

Through out the years, I have seen and helped hundreds of women in despair trying to find the right style for their unique body shape. They often complain about their imperfect shape, excess weight or height. The desperation heightens when it comes to buying a pair of perfect fitting pants and the task becomes daunting when shopping in stores. With so many styles, fabrications and fits how do you decide what style is the best for your shape?

The top two most challenged shapes are pear shapes and apple shapes. In this post I will address the best style, fabrication and fit for pear shaped women and will write about apple shapes, hourglass shapes and the rest later.

Are you pear- shaped? If your hip measurement is 2” or more larger than your chest measurement you are pear shaped. You wear a larger size on the bottom than on top. When you try pants and skirts that fit in the waist or slightly below the waist, you find that if the hips fit, the waist is too large and if the waist fits the hip is too tight.

Bluesuits Fly-Front Wide leg pants

Bluesuits Fly-Front Wide leg pants

Contrary to general belief models do not all have perfect proportions! In fact the models you see in these pictures are all pear shaped, our  model wears a size 6 on top and a size 10 on the bottom, yet the pants fit her perfectly and she looks terrific.

Style tips:
• You want to look for pants that balance the waist-hip proportion. As pear shaped women have slim waist and wider hips, it is important to wear styles that make the hip look smaller. Boot leg pants and straight leg pants both disguise the wide hips.

Bluesuits Boot Leg Pants

Bluesuits Boot Leg Pants

Boot leg pants are pants that have slim legs but wide bottoms and straight leg pants hang straight from the hip. Narrow legged pants will emphasize the hips so please don’t wear them if you don’t want to exaggerate the hips.
• Avoid side pockets with deep pocket bags. I am hoping that designers don’t make those pants any longer. Instead if you like pockets find pants with horizontal pockets and shallow pocket bags as seen here.
• Look for pants with contoured waist with or without a waist band, contoured waist bands are the key to no-gap waists for pants and skirts.
• The fabrication is also very important; we love tropical wool stretch or even microfiber stretch.
• Fully lined pants are preferred but at Bluesuits we have a special lining for our pants and skirts that are light and have a smart stretch, that is no lycra or spandex but the fabric moves with the body, is not bulky and extremely durable. Our pant lining is one of our best kept secrets but one that our customers are addicted to.
• Avoid wearing pants that are too loose in the derriere or hips. You want the hips to fit.
So love your shape and embrace it with flattering styles.
What has your experience been looking for perfect fitting pants?

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Stephanie Leruth February 23, 2010 at 6:16 pm

My daughter needed lined pants for work; I found exactly what I was looking for and more at bluesuitsonline. The service was so exceptional, when I told my friends about it they were literally speechless. Ms Khazra’s directions on size and style were priceless. Her efficiency in delivery and follow through was beyond the call of duty. Then the pants arrived. PERFECT! My daughter loves the comfort of the higher waist line. I bought myself a pair. They are as comfortable as pajamas with a rich business look. Everytime I wear them someone ask if I lost weight.

swimmy December 31, 2012 at 2:22 pm

I do not have a defined waist–but no hips and a larger t ummy–what style is best?

Jamak Khazra January 1, 2013 at 5:59 pm

Thank you for your post. The best style for your shape would be Bluesuits flat front pantsThis style is slimmer in the hips. There is no waist band and the waist is less contoured making it perfect for your shape.

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