Dior’s Fall 2010 Godet Skirt

by Jamak Khazra on June 2, 2010

 Bluesuits original design kick pleat skirt from Fall 2009 and Dior's dress Fall 2010

Bluesuits original design kick pleat skirt from Fall 2009 and Dior's dress Fall 2010

When Couture fashion houses such as Gucci, Luis Vuitton, Prada or Chanel talk about fashion piracy it is more about the dilution of their brand and profits. Copies of original designs are sold for a fraction of the price. But what about when an unknown designer sees her last seasons design reappear in upcoming collection of an internationally known fashion house with minor changes?

This was the case with yours truly when I was flipping through the pages of Vogue issue of May 2010 while waiting to get a hair cut yesterday. I was shocked to see a near exact copy of Bluesuits original design of Fall 2009 kick-pleat skirt in the upcoming Christian Dior’s Fall 2010 collection.

Similarities were striking while differences were minor and negligible. Design details make Bluesuits kick pleat skirt unique:
1. Triple pleats instead of the usual pleats
2. Pleats on all 6 seams so 6 pleats instead of 4. ( in fact I took lots of heat from my pattern maker and factory as they saw it unnecessary to have the two extra pleats on the side seams). I meant for the skirt to have movement on the bottom against the very fitted hips.
3. The black and white fabric that gives the skirt it’s classic look and versatility.

Dior’s godet skirt has the same number of triple pleats but is made into a dress ( that really looks like a skirt and blouse) and the placement of the pleats is slightly different.

At Bluesuits, we do not follow fashion trends but instead we are inspired by our customers. This skirt was designed for women who can incorporate work appropriate pieces that go beyond the basic pencil skirt and a jacket.

Should I be flattered that Bluesuits kick pleat skirt has inspired or is really really similar to Dior’s? Somewhat!!

While it is a known fact that all designers find inspiration everywhere, including each other’s works this incident along with many more instances made me think about fashion piracy and the fact that While counterfeit with the label is illegal, there are no laws in the US to protect original designs by fashion designers.

I will end with a quote form Arie Kopelman Vice Chairman and past president of Chanel Inc. who says: ” We often say that when you copy a design it’s essentially counterfeit without the label”.
To learn more about design piracy and how to stop it please visit http://www.stopfashionpiracy.com/
See Bluesuits Kick- Pleat skirts Video, probably the most versatile skirt in your wardrobe. Fits every shape.

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Fei June 3, 2010 at 7:03 am

WHAT!? That’s crazy! You should be in Vogue.

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