Bluesuits Custom Fit and Made-to-Measure Women’s Business Suits
July 23, 2010 Custom Women's Suits
Bluesuits hand crafted custom tailored suits for women

Bluesuits hand crafted custom tailored suits for women

Located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Bluesuits has long been a destination for smart and savvy business women looking for that perfect fitting, elegant, tailored business attire and sports wear coordinates. Bluesuits has been featured on CNN Headline News, " All About Women", as one of the best places to shop in New York. Our business has grown through repeat customers, word of mouth and loyal clients since then
For those who frequent our showroom, it may come as no news that Bluesuits also offers custom fit, made-to-measure and custom made business suits for women made in the heart of Fashion District in New York City. We have offered custom women’s jackets, pants, skirts, dresses and shirts as an extension of our personal services to our clients for years but we recently have made custom fit business attire and personal tailoring services available to women all over the world on Bluesuits online store. We thought you might like to know more about Bluesuits custom tailored clothing services.

Free consultation services:

You can make a shopping appointment online to visit us at our showroom or fill out our custom order request form for an initial free consultation, when we will discuss your needs and offer customized options for you. After our initial communication we will recommend either a made-to-measure or custom tailored option for you.

Bluesuits Collection is designed by a woman who understands a woman’s body and wardrobe needs

Jamak Khazra the designer of Bluesuits Collection launched the collection in 1999 after having dressed thousands of women who could not find appropriate styles and fits in the stores. Bluesuits several styles of jackets, pants, skirts, dressers or shirts are designed to fulfill the wish list of her many satisfied clients.

Bluesuits made-to-measure women’s suits

There seems to be a lot of confusion about what made-to-measure is. Let’s define it so we are all on the same page. For our purposes we will define a made-to-measure garment as a garment that is made with your body measurements but the pattern has already been created based on a fit model ( not you). That pre-existing pattern is altered to accommodate your measurements. Some companies misguide and confuse consumers by advertising their made-to-measure service as custom made. When they in fact do not develop a pattern from scratch for your body shape but they simply alter an existing pattern to your measurements and call that custom made.
Bluesuits made-to-measure garments can be customized to your specifications. You will find that because Bluesuits line of clothing is based on the unique body shapes of women, we already have styles in every category including jackets, pants, skirts and dresses that will fit your unique body shape so often our customers will customize the color, fabric or trim.

Bluesuits custom made women’s business attire

Our custom made garments are based on true custom fit, hand crafted patterns made with your exact measurements:
When you order a custom garment from Bluesuits a pattern is developed by our expert pattern maker and tailor with your exact measurements. Regardless of your shape, height, weight or size, you will have a perfect fitting suit.

You can choose any fabric, trim or lining you desire.

While Bluesuits offers a variety of high quality European fabrics designed by our designer, Jamak Khazra and exclusively produced for us, we do not limit you to fabrics we offer, instead you can order any color or fabric you dream of. We will send you several swatches that you can choose from.

You will get to try a prototype in your exact measurements before we cut your final garment.

We will use 25 body measurements to make a sample garment in the styles you have chosen and in a fabric with similar properties to your final garment for your approval before we cut your final garment. If you are unable to visit us at our showroom, we will send you a detailed measuring guide that can be taken to a tailor. Once you have your measurements you can input the data on our website through a link that we will send to you. Your custom suit will fit you perfectly regardless of your size, shape or height or weight

Made in the heart of Fashion District in New York City.

Bluesuits garments including Bluesuits ready-to-wear as well as Bluesuits custom tailored collections are made in high quality factories in New York City’s legendary Garment District under strict quality control. You will also have the luxury of short lead time for your custom order. You can normally have your order in about 10 days to 2 weeks from the time you have finalized your choices.

Oprah’s and the First Lady, Michelle Obama’s Pattern Maker

Our expert pattern maker has been assigned to make several garments including suits, skirts, pants and evening gowns for Oprah Winfrey. Our pattern maker has also made several dresses for the First Lady, Michelle Obama. When you order your custom garments at Bluesuits, the patterns are made and adjusted by the same pattern maker who has made Oprah and the First Lay’s garments. However, rest assured you won’t have to pay exorbitant prices. We will quote you the cost depending on the scope of the work that needs to be done to have your custom suit made

We ship our custom suits worldwide

Yuo can shop for custom women’s suits online on our website. Because of our over 30 years of experience in design and production of women’s business suits and our extensive network of experts in New York City as well as careful steps we take in making your custom order, we take orders form women who need custom tailored clothing from all over the world and have satisfied clients across the globe. Regardless of your location we will ship your perfect fitting suit to you.

We are eager to hear your experience with custom tailoring services, so please feel free to share your comments.

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  1. Hi Jamak,

    Hope all is well! If you remember, I had gotten a few suits made by you a few years ago. I’ve changed positions in my career and am looking to update my wardrobe. I was hoping we could set up an appointment to discuss some new suits and other outfits.


  2. Looking forward Aditi. Thanks for the note.

  3. Hi Marianne,
    Would love to discuss your options with your for a custom suit. Please make an appointment through our online appointment book

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