Plus Size Women’s Business Suits

by Jamak Khazra on August 25, 2010

Bluesuits Three Button Business Suit for Pluse Size Women

Bluesuits Three Button Business Suit for Pluse Size Women

Plus size women have finally been heard. The recent NY times article ” Plus Size Wars” has finally awakened the fashion industry and store buyers to the needs of clothing for plus size women. Yet there are still limited choices when it comes to tailored, high quality proper business suits for plus size women at a reasonable price..
Bluesuits three button business suit is tailored with perfect fit, best quality European tropical wool stretch, a classic and conservative yet modern and elegant style for plus size women.
The Jacket is roomy enough for a full chest and larger belly without sacrificing the fit and shape. The first thing our clients notice when they try this jacket on is that instead of the boxy style they find in most stores, this jacket fits and flatters their shape.
Tropical Wool stretch is a season-less fabric that is comfortable, doesn’t wrinkle and is durable, perfect for travel or long work hours of professional women. The jacket is available in solid colors or Black, Charcoal, Navy and camel as well the black and cream pinstripe shown above. All of Bluesuits collection pieces are in stock in sizes 0-16 and can be custom ordered in any color and up to size 22.
We recommend this suit the following plus size body types:
1.Tall plus size women: The jacket is long enough for women up to 6′3″, if you have very long arms you can request a specific sleeve length by filling out our custom request form.
2.Full Chest plus size women: This jacket will give you enough room in the chest area so if you are a D cup or above you will find that the jacket fits beautifully. Additionally the three button closure is ideal for fuller chests as the more contained you are in the suit the slimmer you will look.
3. Women with larger bellies or apple shape plus size women: This jacket is designed with a looser fit around the waist and hip area to give you room. you won’t have to sacrifice the style or the fitted look to accommodate a larger belly.
4. Pear shaped plus size women can also wear this jacket without worrying about that last button on the hip area.
5. Plus size women with wide shoulders: whether you are a full chest or flat chest plus size with wide shoulders, you’d look great in this jacket.
We recommend the following matching pieces: Pencil skirt, fly front pinstripe pants or straight leg pinstripe pants if you are ordering a solid color the following flyfront pant , Flat Front pants, , Cap sleeve dress, sleeveless shift dress.
This is a perfect interview suit for plus size women regardless of the industry you are interviewing for. Our clients who have purchased this suit include bankers, lawyers educators, news anchors, portfolio managers and doctors as well as non profit executives. The suit is also a perfect basic suit that you can wear to work every day.

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