Bluesuits Bias Cut Dress With Leather Trim

by Jamak Khazra on August 14, 2019

Bluesuits Bias Cut Dress

Bluesuits Bias cut smart dress. Simply slips on and conforms to your shape. Its a smart dress because when we gain weight the dress stretches on the sides to fit one”s shape and when we lose weight it adjusts to our shape. I also made the arm hole adjustable by adding a custom made mini belt, its not only a beautiful detail but also makes the dress fit smarter because when we gain weight our armhole circumference also increases and when we lose weight our armhole circumference decreases. Its washable and wrinkle resistant. Our clients are in love with this dress design. #Bluesuits #jamak #jamakkhazradesigns #biascutdress #summerdress #bluesuitsdresses #traveldress #smartdress #smartdesign #customdressesnyc

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