Jamak KhazraWelcome to Bluesuits Style Book. Bluesuits is a life style company for professional women. I launched Bluesuits Collection to meet the wardrobe needs of my clients, after dressing over 10,000 women since the early 80s in high end designer professional attire. Many of my clients were not able to find appropriate styles with the right fit, fabrication or price in the stores. I also know that these women loved the shopping experience with me because of the personal service and wardrobe guidance they received. With the launch of Bluesuits online store, we have women from all over the world who shop our website. The website, however, is a one way discussion from us to the customer. I decided to start the style Book so our visitors can have an opportunity to not only hear from me directly but also to talk back. I hope to go back to our roots of more personal interaction with our clients.
Bluesuits blog is organized by categories where you can read about how to build a professional wardrobe. We also have added a personal category where I would write about findings other than fashion that I’d like to share with our readers.
My inspiration comes entirely from my customers and my own likes and dislikes. I love classic styles that have longevity. While Bluesuits Collection is always fashionable it never follows short lived fashion trends.

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