Fashion and Renoir’s Women

by Jamak Khazra on March 26, 2012

The umbrellas by Renoir- Bluesuits Vivien Jacket

Style lines and fit remain the same from 1800's to the 20th Century

The Roots of Bluesuits Designs May Well Be Found in 18th Century Paintings of Renior

This past Sunday I took a walk across the Park to the Frick Collection, one of my favorite spots in New York City. Currently among the exhibits there is a gallery dedicated to 9 iconic Full-Length Impressionist paintings of Renoir among which are
Dance in the Country ( 1882-83), Dance in Bougival ( 1882-83 ) and The Umbrellas ( 1881 and 1885) Above left. I used to have prints of the first 2 hangining on my walls as a teenager and seeing the real painting before my eyes was total bliss and pure inspiration. I was however, totally nailed, stopped in my tracks and found myself starring at The Umbrellas, specifically the women holding the empty basket and the striking resemblance of the style lines and fit of the jacket on her to Bluesuits designs.
The first sketches of The umbrellas was put on paper in 1881 and was set aside until 1885. In 1881 the garments were more elaborate and the female figure was a bit more plumb. By 1885 when Renoir finished the painting the fashion had changed to simpler and less elaborate designs and the perception of the perfect female figure was that of a slimmer woman.
Bluesuits Vevien jacket and the gored skirt was added to our collection in 2001 and we later paired the jacket with a different skirt shown below. We also show the jacket in tropical wool and match it to a pencil skirt, pants and a shift dress. It wasn’t until this last Sunday that I discovered the resemblance and am totally delighted. Isn’t it fascinating how draping and style line can be timeless? What else do you see in Renoir’s women  that you would like to discuss? Please add your comments.

Bluesuits Vivien Jacket and Sunburst pleated skirt

Bluesuits Vivien Jacket and Sunburst pleated skirt


Bluesuits Raises the Bar

by Jamak Khazra on August 22, 2011

Bluesuits got a shout out today on CNBC by Jane Wells. We are thrilled. At a time when many manufacturers are trying to cut costs by using less expensive fabrics, trim and production practices, Bluesuits is doing just the opposite and raising the bar by introducing more luxurious fabrics and trims and even better constructed jackets in our Fall Collection.


Bluesuits Haute Couture Evening Gown

February 8, 2011

In the true tradition of Haute couture this dress uses several hand executed techniques. The dress features a fully boned bustier and a sewing technique where all the pieces lay flat even over curves of the body. The dress is made of Silk tafetta, silk organza, silk charmeuse and Satin face silk.

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Dior’s Fall 2010 Godet Skirt

June 2, 2010

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March 8, 2010

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